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04 Aug 2011

The videos on the DVD provide a variety of information concerning the people, their environment, and their culture as well as how you can become involved in reaching the peoples of Argentina for Christ.  A brief summary of each of the chapters is provided below.    

  Christ in Every Heart
The Only True Hope for Argentina

The METRO Team is reaching people in the mega-city of Buenos Aires for Christ with the vision of starting rapidly reproducible churches.

The BUENOS AIRES PRO-META Team is helping business and professional people connect to God through Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Christian professionals learn to present a Christ like example to their colleagues and associates.

The CÓrdoba Team works in cooperation with local Baptists to plant churches and promote church planting through seminars, theological education by extension and direct involvement with mission congregations.  

The NATIONAL Team  Reaching out to Argentines using a variety of tools and assisting local churches to develop strategies that aim at the heart of the culture to affect the heart of the people.

 The Native Argentine Criollo Teams  1.5 million people in Northern Argentina that have been ignored and pushed aside. ... but now they have the opportunities to hear about God’s love and share it with others.

 The Santa Fe/Entre Rios Team serves alongside Argentine believers to spread the Gospel in the rural towns and the developed cities of the provinces of Santa Fe and Entre Rios. The team works across all economic levels and covers great distances trying to see the task fulfilled. 

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The Hidden People:   The Native Argentine Criollos of Northern Argentina (11 min.) Videographed July 2001 - Published  November 2001

On the edge of a barrio in Northern Argentina is the home of a boat builder by the name of Jose.  He and his wife, Raquel, live with their 4 children in a home whose walls and roof are made from sheets of black plastic.  

The Outsiders:  Argentina   ( 9 min. 30 sec.) Videographed July 2001- Published February 2002

This is the plight of the Native Argentine Criollo ... a group of people that many Argentines would prefer to keep hidden in the rural areas.  

Gauchos:  Orphans of the Interior:  Northern Argentina (6 min. 50 sec.) Videographed July 2001- Published April 2002

Some say that the word "gaucho" referring to the Argentine cowboy came from an indigenous word that means orphan, a descriptive name for these independent cowboys that were neither loved nor ruled by anyone.  

The Heart of Buenos Aires (9 min. 30 sec.)
Videographed November 2002-Published March 2003

Buenos Aires, a mega city whose heartbeat is that of past heroes, must survive on the lifeblood of its 13 million people.  With fully one third of the entire population of Argentina living here, the pulse beat of Buenos Aires determines the fate of the Republic.

A True Change in Life and Heart (13 min. 0 sec.)
Videographed November 2002-Published March 2003

The professionals of Buenos Aires might look like your affluent next-door neighbor. Their appearance of confidence could fool you into believing that this person “has it all together.”  A closer look, however, into the eyes often reveals the anger, fear, despair, loneliness, helplessness or disillusionment that is hiding within this exterior. Because of the importance of “image”, the typical professional finds it very difficult to express or admit to any need … spiritual or physical … but these people are NEEDY! 

Excited About Salto (6 min. 54 sec.)
Videographed November 2002-Published March 2003

 “We are in love with Salto.  At our church in Villa Celina, a barrio of Buenos Aires, 13 of us along with our missionary friend Jon, made a commitment in February of 2002 to plant a new church in the city of Salto.  Every Saturday we go to Salto about 120 miles west of Buenos Aires.  It takes about two hours. Most of the homes are small and sparsely furnished.  Some people have more than others …”

To the Heart of the Peoples (13 min. 40 sec.)
Videographed November 2002-Published March 2003

It is not easy being an active Christian among the diverse political, economic, and religious backgrounds found at the National University of Córdoba.  At this University, the 100,000 students are largely indifferent to religious teachings in general and view Christianity, at best, as a superfluous tradition….  Students, however, aren’t the problem … they’re the harvest!

The Way of Peace (15 min. 15 sec.)
Videographed November 2002-Published March 2003

The violence continues … force and intimidation continues … clubs, horses, dogs, and bulletproof vests are standard crowd control equipment but this is not the way of peace.  A small group of people wearing black t-shirts with the white letters “No More Violence” on the front and “a message from God on the back is having a big impact.  Using God’s Word and a commitment to show love and respect to those that appear to deserve little, the men and women in this group are able to do what force cannot.

Life Along the Rio Paranŕ (12 min. 17 sec.)
Videographed November 2002-Published April 2003

 In name, Argentina is a Christian nation but a sense of hopelessness has invaded the country. Roman Catholicism is the official religion with enormous Catholic churches and yet only 15% of her people attend any type of church. Those that are involved have a very strong devotion to Mary and other saints and folk heroes.   Even the public roadside signs on the highway ask that the Virgin of Lujan guard its travelers.  Argentina is a land filled with idolatry, unusual folk religions, and superstitions. 

.Bridges to Over There (9 min. 30 sec.)
Videographed November 2002-Published April 2003

  “See that villa over there?  It is the most dangerous in the area.  DO NOT drive through here at night! … Not even the edge like we are now.  I sometimes hesitate to go through in the daytime.  Villas are better now. … The houses used to be made of cardboard but now many use wood and brick

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