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04 Aug 2011

The videos on the DVD provide a variety of information concerning the people, their environment, and their culture as well as how you can become involved in reaching the peoples of India for Christ. A brief summary of each of the chapters is provided below.    

 India:  Who has TRUTH?
Filmed January  2004

Mumbai is called the Great City. … It is in Mumbai’s striving to become an economic powerhouse and a world-class city that a working relationship is formed among the various religious, cultural and ethnic groups.  It is a heterogeneous collection of 17 million people who live and work in an extremely close environment. But, … Mumbai is not a melting pot for these peoples.  Instead, … each group tenaciously forms a seemingly impenetrable cocoon around themselves, their beliefs, and customs. The Hindu concept of caste -- of being unequally born -- permeates all, whether Hindu, Muslim or other religious order. 

The hard shells that have formed around these various groups makes it very difficult for them to understand the love of the one true God and that salvation comes by grace and not by works.

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 Cultural Snapshots

Mumbai in Metamorphosis  3:06
Mumbai was once a collection of small Koli fishing villages.  Today, … with 17 million inhabitants, … it is India’s largest city and its richest city.  It is wealth and influence that fuels its metamorphosis.  The transformation continues throughout the city as new office buildings and apartments replace old and unsightly structures. 

The Koli – Still Fishing  7:44
Scattered along Mumbai’s coastline, … sandwiched between multi-storied flats and commercial buildings, … are Koli fishing villages.  In existence since the city began, they are a significant link in the history of Mumbai

The Wedding  5:08
The wedding is the biggest and most important event for the wealthy.  It is typically as extravagant as the bride’s family can afford.  It is an opportunity to display the family’s wealth and status.

Paan and Chai  3:05
Paan and Chai are part of the social fabric of India.  They are the coffee and donuts of America and are enjoyed by all … whether rich or poor, … high caste or low.

Two Footed Cattle  3:30
According to the oldest and most sacred of the Hindu scriptures, … man was not created equal.   Instead of equality, four basic levels of man were created

The Hindu scriptures called the lowest caste, … “two-footed cattle” … and even today the work of the poor is the work that is done by animals or machines in other countries. 

Odd Jobs  5:14
Mumbai is a place that is made up of a diverse and complex people; … people that do things differently than we in a Western society have come to expect.  But, … this is India.  … It is their place.  …  It is their culture.

Lunch and Laundry  3:37
Thousands of the servant and laborer class of people are gainfully employed in the lunch and the laundry business as they make a unique contribution to the image of the wealthy and influential of Mumbai.


Religious Beliefs

Search for the Supreme Being  15:36
In Mumbai, some say that there are 330 million gods … while others say there is NO god.  … Some say that people are not created equal … and others say that there is no caste and ALL are created equal. Some religious orders have many overlapping and complimentary beliefs  … and others are in stark conflict resulting in occasional serious social unrest.   Each group tenaciously forms a seemingly impenetrable cocoon around themselves, their beliefs, and customs.

Created Equal – In Search of TRUTH  7:15
Mumbai is home to multitudes from across India.  People from nearly every culture in the country find their residence somewhere in Mumbai. 

All of these cultures are impacted by the now outlawed caste system by which they are affected in every way, including employment, marriage, social status and, … much more deeply, … religious convictions, their morality and their collective political sensibilities.  Caste affects their dreams and ambitions, priorities and goals.   Upon caste rests justice and public conscience, immorality and corruption.  Determined by karma and past reincarnations, caste is a discriminator of persons, a scale of human worth.  They believe themselves to be created unequal.

In truth, God creates them equal.  It is a truth they do not yet understand.  A truth they have never experienced.

Karma - Hanging in the Balance of Life  6:04
In Mumbai, the cow is sacred .
A cow is fed, touched and worshipped.
When a man or woman worships a cow, their good karma is increased.
Karma … good and bad deeds hanging in the balance of life. 

These Hindus have made a sacrifice.  They have worshipped.  They have done a good deed.  Their good karma has been increased.  However, just as the cow will need to be fed again, so it is with their karma balance.

The Hindus need to hear the words of Jesus, “I am the way, and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.”

Reaching the People

Will you help show the people of India the way to the one true God? 

The Destination  9:37
Every day more than 6 million people travel through Mumbai on the commuter train system.  Six million!  On the buses, more than 3 million commuters pack onto the system to move through an already congested city. In Mumbai, it seems that everybody is going someplace … that each person has their own destination … a destination determined by their caste … by the station in life to which they were born. There is another way that few seek and even fewer find.  

Slums and Streets  6:05
In spite of being the financial capital of India, more than half of Mumbai's population lives on the streets or in slums. …  Families live in abject poverty in the massive slums of Mumbai. … Regardless of whether life is on the street or in a slum, they look to their gods in hope. …  Daily, they ask which one of their millions to appease, … which will bring food to their hungry family that day? … Which will keep them from illness?

The Good Life  7:07
In 1950, the Indian government decreed all of its citizens equal before the law …  in effect outlawing the caste system.  Nevertheless … caste has not gone away.  Its ugly head is ever present in Indian society. The caste system is still apparent in the lifestyles of the wealthy and influential.   The rich and powerful believe they are of a higher class, of greater worth than those around them.

From Traditions to TRUTH   9:56
Traditions, languages, ethnicity and religions abound in India.  Mumbai, the most populous city of the country with 17 million people is much the same.  With nearly 100,000 people per square mile, these diverse ethnic, religious and language groups must live and work side by side.  

People in Mumbai need to hear the truth of the Gospel and in a way that is relevant to their own traditions, culture, language ethnicity and social status … and in some places they are.


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