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04 Aug 2011

The videos on the DVD provide a variety of information concerning the people, their environment, and their culture as well as how you can become involved in reaching the peoples of Mexico for Christ. A brief summary of each of the chapters is provided below.    

Bound by Cultural Tradition
Filmed March 2004

To be Mexican is to be Catholic.  The Catholic Church influences just about every major facet of life.

In Mexico, to be Catholic is to worship the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of the country.

Mexico is a country bound by the cultural tradition of Catholicism.

The key to helping Catholics understand the Gospel message is sharing the truth found in God's Word.

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The City of Puebla   9:03  
Founded in 1531 by Spanish settlers, Puebla was the principle city of colonial Mexico.  The city is located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain.  Puebla is a place of history and of culture, of grand cathedrals, and of small churches.  It is a place of the rich and of the poor, a place where large businesses abound along with small shops and a place with thousands of university students.

Working for the Harvest   5:33   Join with us as we visit several of the small evangelical churches and Bible studies as they seek to make a difference in a city which is 86% Catholic and only 4% evangelical Christian and 0.1% Baptist.   Small Baptist churches struggle to grow in the midst of people who are culturally Catholic - a cultural status that has little to do with their understanding of who Jesus Christ is.

The Mother of Religions   7:45   To be Mexican is to be Catholic. The Catholic Church influences just about every major facet of life.  It is easy to be Catholic.  Cathedrals abound from the mountain villages to the large cities.  In the city of Puebla and the nearby town of Cholula, as many as 350 Catholic churches and cathedrals are available for worshipers.   In Mexico, to be Catholic is to worship the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of the country. 

The key to helping Catholics understand the Gospel message is sharing the truth found in God’s Word.

The Force for Change   3:00   Mexico has over 2.4 million students seeking degrees. These students are attending one of the 3,000 universities or technical schools of Mexico. They have become a driving force in the future of the country. 

These students are Mexico’s future but will that future be the “Free Trade Generation” based on NAFTA or the Christian life based on the Bible?

Ready for Change   8:14   University students in Mexico exhibit an enthusiasm for change - any change. The majority are not really clear on what they believe about Jesus.  That is why it is imperative to reach students at this time in their lives with the Truth of the Gospel. There is evidence of a spiritual awakening on the Mexican campuses.  More and more are becoming involved in cell group Bible studies and unashamedly calling out to God as they never have before. 

Workers from the Hills   12:02  
The Mazateco People, about 350,000 in all, call themselves “workers from the hills, humble, people of custom".  The homeland of the Mazateco people is a beautiful but a difficult place to live and difficult to visit.  Yet, it is a place that you will enjoy while walking among these people that know little of the outside world. 

LORD, Give Us These Mountains   8:27   The homeland of the Mazateco People is in the rugged Sierra Madres of southern Mexico.  Catholic churches abound in this area.  Some of these churches are centuries old but all are the town’s central focus.  Inside homes, as well as in the churches, religious symbolism is pervasive.  Small churches are reaching out into the homes and communities of these mountains with the Good News of Jesus. The hope for the future of the Mazatecos of today lies with the few dedicated people who have set a goal of having a church with trained leaders in every village by the year 2010.

Join the Team!   3:54    
Have you ever thought about being a part of the team dedicated to reaching Puebla and the surrounding areas with the Good News of Jesus Christ, of going on a volunteer mission trip?  As a soccer team must be willing to play on the turf of the opposing team, so it is with volunteers.  You must be willing to move from where you are to where the need is.  Are you ready to play a key role in reaching the city of Puebla with the Good News of Jesus Christ? 

Delicious Food!   12:30     The food in Mexico is different than the food in the United States.  It tastes different.  … The ingredients are different.  The preparation is different.  Eating the tasty dishes is also done in a different way.  Join us and see what you have been missing.   The food here is not Taco Bell and it is not “Tex-Mex”.  This is the real “Mex-Mex” so come expecting to enjoy every mouthful.

If You Knew Me, You Would Love Me   7:36   The most important task a volunteer can complete while on a mission trip to Mexico is to come to know and love the people.  This is an integral part of the missionary task.  The temptation is to think that all Mexicans look a certain way, have a certain manner of acting, or relate to each other in a defined pattern.  But we know that God has made us all individuals, so we must get to know individuals instead of relying on stereotypes.  Volunteers must come to know and love individuals. 


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