06 Dec 2007


British evangelists established the first Anglican Church of Dhaka in the late 1800’s.  Other churches were also established during this same time period.  In Jessore, the British Baptist Church was established by the British Baptist Society and goes back to the time of William Carey.  Also, in Jessore, the Church of Christ has a large trade school.  The Assembly of God Church continues to be active as well in Jessore.   Faridpur (FOREED poor) Church, … the old, well-established city church, … has recently been renovated and provides a variety of outreach activities.

 As a result of work by British evangelists during the turn of the century, the Bawm (Bomb) Tribe, one of the thirty tribes in the Hill Tract”s is now almost 100% Christian.

 Despite this early evangelistic work, less than one third of 1% of the people of Bangladesh are born again believers in Jesus Christ.

 Bangladesh is 85% Muslim and 14% Hindu. The strong political influence of the majority religion, … as well as the designation of Islam as the State religion, … make it illegal for direct evangelistic work among the people.  The Muslim government will not grant visas to missionaries.  Instead, many Christian organizations focus on humanitarian aid.

 Despite its very low numbers and the oppression by the Muslim majority, evangelical Christianity is growing.  In the past ten years, over 500 new churches have been established.  These churches are small but the committed believers rejoice as members of the family of God. 

 Come with us as we visit different places and join in the rejoicing of these followers of Christ.

… At the village of Hati Banga (hah tee BAHN ga) near Bandarban. (BAHN dar bahn)...

Worship segment

… In Sinai Para, located up the Sangu River from Bandarban. …

Worship segment

… At the Chittagong Baptist Church, as they meet in the home of the pastor. …

Worship segment

… The Berbari (Bare bar ee) Church has a well-constructed building with a concrete floor for the congregation to sit on.

Worship segment

… The Jhenidah (Jen EYE dah) Church also has a well-constructed building and a membership that enjoys singing and praising God.

Worship segment

… In the Hindu village of Kalichoronpur (Kal ee chor on poor), this small congregation worships on the porch of the home of their pastor.

Worship segment

 These and many other small congregations now dot the countryside.

 Some of the Bangladeshi pastors and leaders of these churches want to share their vision and how you can become involved in this work:

 Interviews follow … less than 30 seconds each …

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“For the earth will be full of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” Is. 11:9


“You are the light of the world.  A city on a hill cannot be hidden…”  Matt. 6:14


“The darkness shall turn to the dawning and the dawning to noon day bright…”  From We’ve a Story to tell to the nations…


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