06 Dec 2007

            Weaving on a handloom is an important source of income for some of the rural villages in Bangladesh.  In this small village near Jessore, they have three handlooms.

 Making the garments or towels starts with first dying cotton fibers in any one of several colors.  The skeins of fiber are then hung out to dry.  After drying, the thread is wound on small bobbins that are used in the loom.  The weaver selects the appropriate bobbin to determine the color of the stripes.  Here, the lady is weaving a bath towel.

 The equipment is primitive and slow; yet, the women are very productive.  Weaving demands practice, patience, and skill as well as outstanding eye, hand and foot coordination.  These special skills are typically handed down from mother to daughter.  The process of spinning, dying, and weaving for lungees, saris, and towels are all done in the same village.

 This long piece of material will be cut apart to make two towels.  It takes 2-1/2 hours to weave a towel and it will sell for about 66 cents.  Eight hours are required to weave a lungee, which will sell for a little over $2.00.

 The weaving industry supports most of those living here.  Come and visit us in our village near Jessore and take home a towel.

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