Impossible to Forget
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                       06 Dec 2007


June 1941

 The Mukhavets River

Brest, Belarus USSR

Video: Peaceful scene of river.

 Video fades to black and white scenes of German tanks, guns, solders fighting, buildings burning etc. 

Audio:  guns, bombs etc. in background with the following narration in very strong voice:

 Attention!  … Attention!  … Today, … June 22, 1941 at 4:00 a.m. Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

 Different Voice, less dramatic:

 The surprise attack on the Brest Fortress was the beginning of Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union.  He had over 3 million well-trained and equipped soldiers positioned along a 1500-mile front that extended from the Baltic in the North to the Black Sea in the South.  Hitler planned a quick knockout blow within a matter of weeks.  However, these plans did not expect the heroic and sacrificial response presented by the Soviet defenders.


65 years later 

The Brest Hero-Fortress

Republic of Belarus


Background Music:  “The Sacred War” 

 Video:  Entrance and people walking toward the “Courage” monument.

Fade to sign showing the Fortress layout and Vladimir explaining the area. 


The Brest Hero Fortress is located in the extreme southwestern corner of Belarus at the junction of the Bug and the Mukhavets Rivers.  This fortress was commissioned in 1842 and expanded several times during its 100 years of active service.  Multiple defense walls … some several miles long … were as much as 6 feet thick and 20 feet tall.  The barracks inside the fortress would accommodate 12,000 men along with their equipment.

 Video fades to some of the buildings with “The Sacred War” audio continuing.

 Video fades to honor guard marching with background music fading out and only the sound of the marching honor guard.

 Music fades to “Major Reverb String 04” as honor guard and others show respect at the eternal flame.

 Video transition - Background music continues at a reduced level.


Nearby is a monument depicting the thirst and desperation of the soldiers who were trapped without food or water. 962 of the defenders lost their lives and are buried here. These are the ones who held out for nearly a month forcing the enemy to pay a high price for every brick, for every stone in the fortress. 

 The carvings on the backside of the central monument depict the courage displayed in the heroic defense, the counter attack, the commanding officers, the last grenade and the machine gun men, … all fighting to the end…never surrendering.  

 This garrison and fortress was the first place in Belarus to experience the power and brutality of Hitler’s fascist army.

 Video:  Old man and woman (with military decorations) at the Eternal Flame 


It was a time that is impossible to forget.   …  A memory that beats upon the heart.





Mukhavets                 moo-KAH-vets



The following is a prayer point that will be on a separate page:


The “Thirst” monument represents the desperation for life giving water for those trapped inside the fortress.  Pray that the people of Belarus will have a longing and desperation to come to Jesus … the Living Water … so they will never thirst again

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