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                       06 Dec 2007


The Belarusians are much like you and me … a friendly people who are concerned for their families and those about them.   They are also a people who have been victims of tragic world events … events that have left scars on the land and on the people.

 Their daily toil is little different from others.  Whether in the office or in the fields, they work to provide for their families and to seek peace and stability.

 Growing up, the people of Belarus learn that to be a true Belarusian is to be Russian Orthodox.  Of course, Orthodox churches abound but these buildings are not important in their lives.  The buildings, the icons inside and the worship rituals do not offer the eternal hope that can be found only in trusting Jesus Christ as their savior. 

 Evangelical Believers are few in this land … less than 1%.  Within this small percentage only about half of these are Baptist.  Religious laws and social persecution make it difficult to share God’s Word.  Nevertheless, it is happening … but at a slow pace.

 You and I can make a difference.  We can be involved in reaching Belarus for Christ.  Listen and discover how and why.

 English narration:

 Dr. Alexander Firisiuk, Pastor of the Minsk Theological Seminary, former president of Belarus Baptist Union

 When I was a little boy, in my village several Baptist brothers sat down and they talked … they said that there are a lot of Baptists who live in the U.S.  It would be so interesting to see ... a live American Baptist and they say it is impossible on this earth.  But when we get to heaven we wonder will we recognize who is an American Baptist or a Belarusian Baptist? I told about this to the students of our seminary that it is a miracle that we see them every day and I tell them that when a miracle happens once, it is a little miracle but since we see Americans every day, it is a great miracle.  We want American churches to do this great miracle witnessing about Christ with us.

 English narration:

Nickolay Sinkovets, President of the Baptist Union in Belarus

First of all, I would ask American churches to pray for us.  That is something they were doing when we were under the Soviet Union.  Second -- We have good relationships with some of the churches and conventions.  We have a lot of opportunities but not enough resources sometimes.  We ask American churches for partnership and to come and work.  We’re open for ministry. 

 Pastor Victor in English:

Victor Krutko, General Secretary of Baptist Union in Belarus and Senior Pastor Bethlehem Baptist Church

I would still encourage people from the Western world to come and to just visit churches to see the situations, to pray.  Sometimes we have an opportunity with people like from America to reach even today … we can reach some people that we cannot reach.  For example, because we are considered as a sect here in Belarus I had several experiences under this difficult times. I have some American guys who we took to schools and they were talking to children … they talked about Jesus Christ.  That is only because they were American and the school received them anyway.  “I want to wish American churches not to put the Spirit down – go ahead – not to be afraid of any obstacle.    Everywhere in Belarus and in America - Western world, the spirit of liberalism and modernism is taking over the churches.  We look up to American churches as an example for us.”

 English narration:

Genadiy Brutskiy, Senior Pastor of Minsk Region

I would like to thank Baptist churches in America, especially, the Missouri churches for working with us for so many years.  We can’t forget the kindness and the sacrifice Baptist churches in America made since the doors opened and freedom came to our country.  I have no doubt that the churches were praying about us even when we were under the Iron Curtain. The fact that this Iron Curtain fell is the result of the prayers too.  I would like to invite those who have an opportunity to come … young people and old people.  We are open to many ministries and in many ways.

 Pastor Dima in English:

Dima Lazuta, Pastor of Good News Baptist Church

To start new churches in big cities, it is very expensive. I will give you one example.  We cannot find a room to rent that is cheaper than $1,000 per month for one day per week.  We are quite a big church and we have a lot of money like probably 40-50 thousand dollars per year that we have in our budget and it’s quite challenging for us -- 400 people congregation it is challenging.  So there is no chance for a church like 100 people – 200 people – starting a church without support because it is very expensive.  So, if your churches would be interested to partner with us. Again, money is one issue but it is not the first issue.  To help … to inspire … to encourage … to pray … it would be very good.  We slowly will grow without your help but if you want to change the situation in our country to extend our ministry quickly, we need some help outside.

 Pastor Oleg in English:

Oleg Borisov, Pastor of Word of Life Church in Mogilev.

It really encourages people here to see that people care for them and people love them and people are willing to help.  I became a Christian in 1993 when there was one week camp – one week camp – when a short term missionary came – to do just a one week of Bible teaching and I was 14 and that is where I became a Christian and the guy from Georgia led me to the Lord so I am a strong believer and supporter for short-term mission work.  Definitely I am a product of that-- if I may say so – I am a pastor of a church now – so please come.  It really matters.

 English narration:

Pavel Rudoy, Pastor of Hope Church in Grodno

Brothers and sisters in the United States, we just invite you to come to Belarus to support our mission work; to help in our fishing camps and VBS; to help us in our evangelization programs and to participate in baptism.  To try for the first time is very difficult but the second step is easier and will be stronger and more joyful.  Just bring your boat so we can catch many fish and it will be a great ministry for God’s glory.

 Dr. Artsiom in English:

Dr. Artsiom Adamenka, Chief of ICU Dept. in Bragin Regional Hospital; Executive Secretary of Belarusian Christian Medical Society.

I would like to say to my colleagues … doctors and nurses and medical students … welcome to Belarus … welcome to your Belarusian colleagues.  We are really very glad to meet with you and maybe to have some common projects here to spread God’s kingdom in Belarus.


Those before you have made a difference and you too can have an impact on this nation.  You can share the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

 Sasha in English:

Alexandra Kazankova

Just ask God’s guidance and follow Him and just come and be a sparkle for our people; a sparkle that will set the hearts of people on fire here. … By the time you decide to come to Belarus, if I will be here, I will be glad to work with you.


Come and invest a moment of your life.  Make an eternal difference!

 >> The background is of several different fishing scenes.  This scripture was based on the comments of Pastor Pavel in his interview.  

 >> Piano background music for this sequence is the chorus of “Living for Jesus”.

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"Jesus said, Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men."  -- Mark 1:17

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