Guardian’s of Tomorrow’s Freedom
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                       28 Dec 2008


These students at a major university in Almaty grew up in a free Kazakhstan.  It was their parents and their grandparents who endured the repressive control of Moscow.  They will soon be given the responsibility to protect as well as expand the hard won freedom they now enjoy.  … Will they be up to the unknown challenges of tomorrow?Overlay:  Pray that someone will tell them how Jesus is the Way

The high schools are preparing the students to be responsible and informed. Their classrooms are in the same or in similar buildings that were used before independence.  But, the classes are more open now. 

Overlay:  Pray students will seek to know the Truth in Jesus

A broader view of the world is at their fingertips.  Many will go on to college, consequently, they want to learn English so they will be better prepared to understand the technology, the culture and the politics of the world.  … Are they seeking to understand the truth?

 Like that of other countries, the elementary school children live in a protected environment.  They enjoy talking among themselves, walking to school together and spending time at the playground.  Their sharp looking uniforms do not seem to keep them from enjoying their playtime.  At this young age, they are not able to grasp the time when their grandparents had difficulty finding food on the grocery shelves.  How could they understand the time before they were born when foreign imported automobiles were very rare and their parents rode a bus or tram?  Their teachers are preparing them for the Kazakhstan of the future. Will they be prepared for the world of tomorrow?

Overlay:  Pray that teachers will experience life in Jesus

There are several private schools located within the city, which are attended by those who can pay the price. These schools are better equipped, have longer class session time and fewer students per class than the public schools. Graduates from these schools will be better prepared for the future than others.

 These institutions, both public and private, are where life skills are developed, where they come to realize that they will be the guardians of their freedom.  It is within this environment that volunteers from America are given opportunities to discuss the freedoms they have and importance of Christianity in acquiring those freedoms.  They often teach English as a second language to those who are interested. Frequently the Bible is used as a reference text; thus, allowing them to share the Truth of God’s Word. English classes, … sometimes meeting in homes, … other times in a rented office space … have led to Bible studies for adults.

Overlay:  Pray for the formation of Bible studies and churches

Hopefully, these meetings will become a new path for those who want to learn more about God’s Word and perhaps the formation of a church.

 The Pravda Church was begun in this manner and now meets in a shared church building. 

Overlay:  Pray that believers will continue to praise and worship God

Meeting together for worship and to learn more about God’s Word is an exciting time for these young believers, … some Russian and others Kazakh.  The messages in word and song reflect both of these cultures.  Occasionally, a song of praise and worship is in English.

 The young believers in Pravda Church know that the Kazakhstan constitution guarantees freedom of religion, but newly instituted laws concerning religious meetings, literature distribution and sharing one’s faith are of great concern. Believers fear that the freedoms that were given are now disappearing. The current guardians of these all-important human rights appear to seek their own way.  Will the guardians of tomorrow’s freedom be up to the task?

 Scripture Overlay:

Some boast in chariots and some in horses;

But we will boast in the name of the Lord, our God.

Psalms 20:7


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