Meeting At The Bench
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                       12 Jan 2009


*  Note:  In this chapter, information within brackets was not narrated on the video. 

The favorite meeting place for these three gentlemen is under a shade tree with the large heating pipes for their bench.  Their grandchildren are nearby … all enjoying the sunny afternoon.  This is also a good place for the grandmothers to sit for awhile and share time with the young children as their parents are at work in the smoke shrouded metallurgical factories of Temirtau[Will someone at work tell parents how to trust God?]* 

Overlay: Pray for parents to trust God 

Occasionally, one of the men offers roasted sunflower seeds for sale to passersby. A treat enjoyed by many. 

Middle school kids often stop here on their way from school, always sharply dressed.  [Will someone teach them how to follow Jesus?]* 

Overlay:  Pray for kids to follow Jesus 

On a nearby bench, a father cares for his young child; … a child that may grow up like his father and not know Jesus.  [Will someone tell men how to be Godly fathers?]* 

Overlay:  Pray for men to be guided by God 

This is a large apartment complex and was built during the time religious teachings were condemned by the Soviet Government. A playground between the drab concrete buildings appears to be seldom used.  Clothes are hanging on the line to dry but weeds have long since overtaken the yard. Life here seems to have little purpose and seldom reaches beyond the daily routine.  [Will someone show them the joy that Jesus brings?]* 

Overlay:  Pray people will know real joy 

Benches are part of the culture of Kazakhstan.  Some relax from work, college students waiting for the next class, young lovers in a park.  Then there are beggars at the gate to the mosque or sitting on a cardboard box at a bazaar.  [Could they hear about Jesus?]* 

Overlay:  Pray for boldness of believers 

On Sunday morning, ladies share the Love of Jesus as they gather outside the church waiting for the worship time to begin.  [Will others sense the sweet aroma of God’s presence in their lives?]* 

Overlay:  Pray for older believers  

These benches are a great place to meet, to share time together, to wait alone and … perhaps …for someone to share the goodness of God. 

Overlay:  Give thanks to those who sow His love 

This bench is empty.  Once it was a place where people would sit awaiting the beginning of a Bible study just inside the door.  The Bible study is no more. The leaders moved and there is no one to show the way.   But God promises that His Word will not return empty.  Believers once met here.   Is their faith growing?  Are they still meeting somewhere? 

Overlay:  Pray for believers to be strong 

The daily routine continues.  Some stare from their doorways. 

Overlay:  Pray for open doors to share Jesus  

Others walk around, or just sit passing the day eating sunflower seeds.  …  They need a leader … someone to share the love of Jesus. Will someone share God’s Word in this place?  What if no one tells the people of Temirtau that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life?   

Overlay:  Who will come to be a leader? 

Will you pray for a leader?  … for someone willing to show the way to Jesus?  Will grandmothers and children hear how Jesus loves them?  Will you pray that soon these benches will become a meeting place where people share the excitement of having Jesus in their lives?  Who will show them Jesus?  Will YOU? 

Scripture Overlay: 

But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him?
And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him?
And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? 

Romans 10:14 NLT


Temirtau            tem-ear-TAUW     


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