Wedding Traditions
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                       03 Feb 2009


   For this bride and groom, their wedding would not be complete without a professional videographer choreographing the sequence of events.  Things that are included in the script are:  the symbolic “heart to heart”, the walk to a famous monument and the ride to various places in a long white limousine decorated with large wedding rings, and of course, accompanied all the while with rock music in the background. 

This bride is at Panfilov Park along with two cameramen, some friends … and her cell phone. 

The next stop for her is in front of the wedding chapel where she, her family, her future husband and his family meet for more photos.  Finally, they all go together inside the wedding chapel built in the shape of a yurt … the traditional Kazakh home. 

Inside, traditions continue.  The entourage of the support cast of women and men dressed in ancient Kazakh costumes stand by while the photographers get the proper poses as wedding vows are exchanged.  It is then down the steps; the groom, … a small yurt in his hand, and the bride, carrying a bouquet of roses.  Finally, the family picture must be taken.  Except, it is not finished.  The white homing pigeons waiting outside must be released and, of course, they will head directly for their roost where they can be rented out to another wedding.  After this,  …  another ride in the long limousine. 

We wish the newly married couple the best.  As they go into the world together, our prayer is that each will come to know Jesus Christ and build a Christian marriage.


Overlay:  Pray for Christian Marriages and Christian Families in Kazakhstan



Panfilov                       pahn-FEE-luv

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