The Little Brick House near the Graveyard

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28 Jan 2008


Flying over the northern outskirts of Maseru, one can hardly tell the little village of Ha Faso from other villages.  People work the gardens in their yards in order to supply extra food for their family.  … Water, … when available, … is pumped from shallow wells or obtained at the community faucet.  … Women wash their clothes in colorful plastic basins.  … Children play with the few toys that they have.  … Men visit the home flying the white plastic bags showing the availability of home brew. … And, … the graveyards are getting fuller by the week because so many are dying of AIDS.

 In a small house near one of these graveyards, live Mr. and Mrs. Molemo.  By sewing in her home, Mrs. Molemo is able to make some extra money. … Her husband drives his truck to deliver building supplies to homes.  Feeling the call of God to ministry, they visited a Baptist missionary in Maseru … and began several months of training in Baptist beliefs and the basics of the Christian life.  Eventually, the Molemo’s left the Baptist church that they attended in Maseru and started the Ha Foso Baptist Church in their home … in the little brick house near the graveyard. 

 The church continues to expand.  Recently four new Believers wanted to be baptized … but where? … There was no water and no baptistery.  Such details did not deter members of this small congregation. … A long trench was dug in the front yard of the church, lined with plastic, and water hauled from a nearby rock quarry to fill it … thus creating a perfect place to be baptized.

 As the people started singing, the four new Believers came to be baptized. ….. First was Mr. Teboho, a local builder, … next came Alice, a young student,  … followed by Mrs. Teboho, and,  …  finally,  ‘MemaRethabile stepped into the cold water.

 The believers of Ha Foso Baptist Church are excited about what is happening.  They crowd into the little house each Sunday morning praising Jesus! …  They generously give money to support their church as well as saving money for a church building. …  They have approached the local chief and asked for a plot of land. … And, … they eagerly desire to be trained in witnessing.

God is working…and, … here, …on the edge of the darkness of a graveyard in Ha Foso … is a light to the Basotho.  Pray for your brothers and sisters in Jesus who ARE the Church at Ha Foso ….. who worship in the little brick house near the graveyard.


“We ought always to thank God for you, brothers, and rightly so,

because your faith is growing more and more,

and the love every one of you has for each other is increasing.”

2 Thessalonians 1:3



Ha Foso                       Ha  (as in laughing ….Ha Ha)   Fō-sō

Molemo                       Mō-lee-mō

Teboho                        Tĕ-bō-hō

‘Memarethabile                 May-ma-re-ta-bee-lay  (ma as in grandma), (re as in red), (ta as in ta ta)



Phonetic pronunciation:



Lesotho –                 LÇ-sue-too


Basotho –         Ba-sue-too  (same sound for ba as in ma … for grandma)


Moshoeshoe –                 MÜ-shway-shway


Thaba Bosiu –                Ta-ba   (a sound as in ma in grandma)  BÜ-see-oo

(there is no “th” sound in Sesotho .. it is a hard “t” sound)


Maseru-            Ma-sÇ-roo  (ma as in grandma)


Maluti –             Ma-loo-tee  (ma as in grandma)


Kraals -             (sound as in balls)


(Note that the Sesotho u all have the oo sound as in too)




Lobola -            lÜ-bÜ-lu  (u as in umbrella)


Balimo -            ba-dee-mÜ  (a sound as in grandma)


Katse -              Cot-see  (cot or caught … NOT cat)


Mohale              MÜ-ha-lee            (ha as in hall)


Bapalosoa            ba-pa-lÜ-swa  (all of the a sounds as in grandma)


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