Just Over There

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28 Jan 2008


My name is Lindiwe.  I live in a village in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho.  It is not far.  It is near.  Please visit me in my village.  It is just over there.

 You must first cross over my beautiful mountains ….. the Maluti Mountains ….. to find my home.  It will be a journey you will never forget.  We are proud of our mountains.  They are the most beautiful in all the world.  They are the mountains that are nearest to heaven.  That is why we call my land the Kingdom in the Sky!

 Your journey will take you on many mountain roads that can be very bumpy so you will need to come in your bakkie.  Please be careful because the roads can be very dangerous but you will soon come to my home …. which is just over there. 

 As you come you will enjoy the hospitality of my people ….. the Basotho …. whose smiles will warm your heart.  Your stomach will never be empty in one of my villages since there is always food for guests.  And your bones will never feel the cold of winter or of night since there is always a place for you to sleep.

 If you desire, you may wish to spend some nights sleeping on the ground and looking up at all the stars in the night sky. You will see the stars as bright and glorious as they were created to be.  And in the morning you will wake up to the cold, clean mountain air.

 You may decide to enjoy riding one of our Basotho ponies whose feet can walk on even the steep sides of our mountains ….  and they will know the way to my home  … which is just over there.

 I have seen small planes in the sky go to other villages where they land on strips of dirt and grass that sit on top of our hills or sit in our valleys.  Maybe you will come like that ….. but the final part of your journey will have to be on foot.

 This may be hard for you as you follow the path that winds between the rocks and boulders of my mountains.  The sides of the mountains are steep and the climbing is hard so some people find it hard to breathe way up here ….. but please remember to keep coming. 

 As you walk …. stop and rest …..and listen to the quiet of my mountains.  You will be able to hear people talking in that valley across from you, and if you open your ears very much … and listen very carefully ….. you will hear my voice encouraging you to keep walking ….. because my home is just over there!

 When you begin to tire, the children of Lesotho will help to renew your strength.   They will walk with you as you travel to visit me and they will give you the courage to make that final climb.  My home is just over the next mountain … just over there! 

 You have made it.  This is my village.  This is my home.   You are very welcome.  I am waiting for you ….. to tell me and my family about Jesus.

 There are Tens of Thousands of Lindiwes

waiting for you


…. just over there!




“How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news,

who announces peace,

and brings good news of happiness.”

Isaiah 52:7



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