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                       28 Jan 2008


The First Baptist Church celebrated it’s centennial in 1993.  This was not only the first Baptist church established in Puebla but it continues to be by far the largest.  It is located near the city’s central plaza on a narrow street and only a short distance from a large Catholic Church.  Nearby vendors sell statues and pictures symbolizing the saints of the Catholic Church.  Prominent among these symbols is the Virgin of Guadalupe, said to be the reincarnation of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  The Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico.

 Yet, inside the First Baptist Church, a small group is singing praises and studying the Bible.  They are praying for the few who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.  They are praying for the missionaries that this church has sent out to various places in Mexico, Central America, and the world.  They are also praying for the small Baptist churches that struggle to grow in the midst of people who are culturally Catholic … a cultural status that has little to do with their understanding of who Jesus Christ is.

 Join with us as we visit several of the small evangelical churches and Bible studies as they seek to make a difference in a city which is 86% Catholic and only 4% evangelical Christian and 0.1% Baptist.


Overlay …

86% Catholic

4% Evangelical Christian

0.1% Baptist


Pastor Eustorgio Perez and and his family live in a small home in San Bartholomew Colonia and walk to the church that he pastors.   Hananeel Baptist Church is located in San Ramon Colonia.

  Pastor José Bonilla leads the body of believers at First Baptist Church, Puebla.  He also serves as president of the Baptist convention made up of 65 churches in the States of Puebla and P________.

 José Pepé is the pastor of Iglesia Bautista Mount Zion (Mount Zion Baptist Church).  It is located across the street from the Mormon Church.

 A Bible study meets in the home of Mario and Lourdes in Chachapa.  Mario and Lourdes own a small butcher shop located in the front part of their home.  On this night, the children’s version of the Jesus film was being shown.  The movie lasted an hour.  A good time of fellowship followed around a delicious supper of stew and fresh tortillas.

 A Bible study meets once a week at the home of Elizabeth and Luis in Puebla.  Elizabeth is an English professor at UBLA (University of the Americas).  There was no Bible study instruction on this night. Instead, it was a fellowship time with everyone enjoying a delicious soup called pozole (pah SOLE ee).

 A leadership-training meeting for potential church planters is well attended.  This is a 13-week course meeting once a week for 2 hours. The students cannot graduate until they have formed a team to make a church plant.

Pastor ________________________ is the leader of the Playas del Sur Church. The walls of the building are up and part of the ceiling is in place in the mission church of Hananeel Baptist Church.  Although the night was chilly, everyone enjoyed a time of warm food and fellowship after the service. 

 Vinicio and Angelica  lead a Bible study in Plan de Ayala Colonia.  Vinicio and Angelica felt God was asking them to begin a Bible study in their neighborhood.  At the time, they were the only Christians on their block.  They began meeting regularly 4 years ago and now meet twice a week.  Has God been working in their midst? Oh, yes!  Today there are 15 to 20 Believers in attendance at the Bible studies and all except two of the neighbors are Christians.

 God is moving in this and other neighborhoods in and around the city of Puebla.  Please pray for the committed believers as they seek to share the person of Jesus Christ with their neighbors.


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