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06 Dec 2007

   The main street running through this small village of Krivlye is occasionally used by cars but it is shared by all … the old tractor with its grain wagon, … herds of sheep and milk cows, … an occasional motorcycle with a side car and, of course, the geese claim their portion of the road.  Meanwhile, the ducks are happy with the ditch full of water. 

 This too is the pathway for the 700 or so people living here.  It is only about a mile from the beginning of the village to its end.  The public school is along this street, just behind the gates. It is the largest building in Krivlye.  On a hill, about two blocks away is a grain processing and storage facility.  The wood frame homes, most of which are old, line both sides of the street.  There are a few recently constructed masonry buildings.

 No church building in this village – not even an Orthodox Church; however, on the east end of Main Street is a place where evangelical believers meet.  There is no sign pointing the way but all in the village know about those who meet in the pastor’s home – an old wood frame dwelling with a roof in desperate need of repair.

 This small group of believers usually holds Bible study and fellowship on a weekday evening. Pastor Nafis gives a short message followed by a time of worship in song and prayer.  The fellowship continues during a meal with a wonderful time of sharing and seeking the will of God.

 In August 2007, volunteers from the country of Latvia visited Krivlye to help in sharing the Gospel with those living here. Nearly all of the people heard the Gospel through songs, games and personal witnessing but, disappointingly, no one responded.

 Listen as Pastor Nafis shares his heart and the needs of this small church family. ….

 “Greetings to you, brothers and sisters in America.  We are joyous that you are extending to us your hands of fellowship, that you are interested in our lives.  We are thankful for you.  My desire for your church is that you are always abiding in the Word, because that’s the most important thing for us.  It’s the source of our lives.  Preserve your trueness to God, because we live in such a tough time.  This is my desire.

We need prayers, because if God doesn’t do it, then people can’t understand our needs.  Praying for us is the most important thing. 

Our special prayer needs:  Our church is still small…we need most of all to preserve trueness to God’s Word—we need people to pray for this.   We are also praying that we have more male believers in the church so that we can have more male leadership and counsel—there are only two men in our church. 

Next, we are also praying for our village.  Practically everyone here in the village has heard the good news.  We can’t force people to respond and we are relying on God to work in the lives of people and we are praying for spiritual rebirth.

Next, we were involved in a summer camp…we are praying for the kids who were a part of the camp.  We want to organize a Sunday School for them.  Please  pray for God’s provision since we need a printer to print the Sunday School lesson material.

We also need to pray for our church to live in the Word, especially so that the work in Sunday School will teach God’s Word. 

We have an additional prayer need… which our church is trying to address as we gather funds -- the roof of the house here where we meet needs repairing.  It’s currently our biggest need.  So far, it hasn’t started leaking.” 

Pastor Nafis and his wife Gulnaz have been leading this house church in their home for several years.  Their children Daniel and Lily attend the local public school.  Won’t you pray for this family and those living in the village of Krivlye?

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Krivlye                                                Kreev-LYEH

Latvia                                                 LAT-via

Nafis                                                   nah-FEECE                       

Gulnaz                                     Ghoul-NAHZ

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For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.  … John 3:16

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