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Построение Будущего

Building the Future

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                       28 Dec 2007

     Their future before them, their parents beside them and carrying bright bouquets of flowers for their teachers, these students are ready for classes to begin on this first day of September 2007.

 The bright sunshine of this early morning event is accentuated with the smartly dressed girls and boys eager to begin the new year of building their future place in the life of Bashkortostan, Russia.

 The kids, … excited to greet their friends and teachers, … talk among themselves as the P.A. system broadcasts the latest musical beat.  The focus quickly changes, however, as the Russian national anthem is played followed by the Bashkortostan anthem.


Russian national anthem - on screen:

Russia - our sacred stronghold,
Russia - our beloved country.
A mighty will, a great glory
Are your inheritance for all time!

Be glorious, our free Motherland,
Ancient union of brotherly peoples,
Ancestor given wisdom of the people!
Be glorious, country! We take pride in you!

 Overlay:  Bashkortostan Anthem

  The school director gives a short speech emphasizing the importance of education to the children.  As the students, … along with their teachers, … proudly enter the school building, we are reminded of the emphasis always placed on education by the Russia of today … as well as the Soviet Union of yesterday.

 The bright and cheerful classroom dιcor matches that of the students awaiting the start of their classes … but on this beginning of the opening day, the center of attention was the unexpected guests as we visited several of the classes.  This short time with the students and teachers provided a rare opportunity for us to learn about them.  The questions from the students demonstrated a strong desire to learn more about our country and about us.

 Questions in the classrooms:

1.                   Is it beautiful in America?

2.                 How many many schools in London? 

3.                 Where is your country?

4.                 What is your name?

5.                 What do you do?

6.                 What is your name?  (English)

7.                 Is it clean in America?

8.                 Are there forests in America?

9.                 Are the cities large?

10.              What subjects do they learn at school?

11.               What languages do you learn in America?

12.              Are your schools free?

13.              What city are you from?

14.           What about vacations?

15.              Do the pupils study on Saturdays?

16.              How old is America?

17.              What is your name?  (English)

18.              When do children start to school?

19.              Why do students wear uniforms in private schools but not in public schools?

 20.            What about Russian language in America?

21.              Is Russian language difficult to learn?

22.            How many lessons in a day?

23.           Is our education better than in America?

Later the same day, we took a bus to the Dok district of the city.   After a walk around the area, we visited another school located adjacent to old apartment buildings.  Unfortunately, the students had an early dismissal on their first day of school and we were unable to meet with them.  Nevertheless, some of the teachers and the school director gladly offered to show us around.

 The wide hallways, … all brightly decorated, … brought to mind similar public schools in the United States.

 The classrooms, … now with their empty seats and desks, … offered a good learning environment though we actually never understood the purpose for the various types of student desks in the different classrooms.

 The gymnasium was small but we were told that it is an extremely active place during the cold winter days.  The dance classroom … with its mirrored walls … was another reminder that Russia has long emphasized the fine arts.  This was also demonstrated in another classroom that featured painting materials.  Nearby were recently completed works of art by the younger students.  Not far away is the well-equipped computer classroom all set for eager students.

 This school, … like others in Bashkortostan, … is an active place with a strong learning environment … an environment that will shape the boys and girls to take their rightful place in the Bashkortostan of tomorrow.

 It is our prayer that the students of today will seek out that which is good, be repulsed by that which is evil and care for those around them as they would themselves.  We also pray for a desire to become life-long learners and thus build a future that is based on these principles.


Спасибо, школы Уфа

Thank you, Ufa Schools

Thank you Ufa schools for allowing us to share this time of building the future.


Bashkortostan                                  bash-kort-tah-STAN

Dok                                                     DOE-ck

Uf                                                        Oo-FAH

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