South Eastern Africa
God Came to My Hut

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                       28 Jan 2008



·        Huts … Drumbeat in the background – approx. 10 sec. – with just huts.

·         Drumbeat continues but at slightly faded audio.  (Drumbeat that we are using is from a video that Alan Locke took at a Zionist worship service near Dundee.  It’s kind of creepy.)

·        Title fades out (8 seconds).

·        Fade in … ON CAMERA – Pastor Ephriam

(Overlay:  I was lost.  Beating the drums.  I didn’t know who God was.)

(More scenes around homestead with drums in background … focus on hut … then fade back to Pastor Ephraim on camera.  Drums go completely silent.  )

(Overlay:  GOD CAME TO MY HUT.  His Word was preached and I accept Him as my personal savior.)

 Mr. Ephriam Mkhaliphi and some of his extended family live in a group of huts called a homestead.  The town of Nhlangano is a long way from this homestead which is located in the Maloma area.  The roads are narrow and cattle and goats browse on sparse grass. The gates and barbed wire fence keep the livestock from the crops of cotton, corn and vegetables.  The homestead has a tractor, … an old one, … and a corn grinder, … a small, hand-powered one. 

 Among those living at the homestead is Ephriam’s mother.  She gives guests a warm greeting and tells wonderful stories about her life … about how it was when she was young.  She too has accepted Jesus as her savior.   Many grandchildren live here on the homestead near their gogo.  The brothers, sisters, and cousins enjoy the times together and always find plenty to do… even with the primitive lifestyle.

 The African traditional religion and the AmaZioni Church is a common bond for most.  Ephriam tried to help his church see they were not living as God desired but they chased him away.  He knew of a missionary in Nhlangano that could teach the Bible. He instructed his oldest son to find this missionary. The missionary was found and the Bible was taught … first in his hut.  Then, … as more people joined the study, … they met under a shade tree.  Soon most of those in the homestead were learning about Jesus.

 Today, there is a church at Ntuthwakazi homestead and Mr. Ephriam Mkhaliphi is the pastor.  About 35 people regularly attend the church.  This pastor tells others about Jesus and that they should come to the Kingdom of God.  The drums do not beat in this homestead.  God is in these huts.

 Pastor Mkhaliphi and his wife, Lindiwe, have nine children.  Some are at school.  Pray for this family as they live and teach God’s Word in the Maloma area.

 The people in Swaziland are enslaved to a culture that centers on appeasing the ancestors.  It is very difficult to turn away from the drums and follow the one and only Son of God. 

 Pray that many will experience God coming to their hut and that the drums will sound no more.

 Pronunciation Guide:

AmaZioni                                           Ah mah Zee o nee

Ephriam Mkhaliphi           EE phra eem eem KAH LEEP ee

Lindiwe                                               LIN deh way

Maloma                                              Mah low ma




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