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The Peace Ladies — Leading the Way

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                       28 Jan 2008


The ladies from Peace Baptist Church are talking about the new Bible study they helped start in the Mabeleni area. This is an exciting time for them and they wanted to share with their friend Maria who works in Mbabane as a language instructor.

 These ladies in Make Makhonta’s homestead are about an hour’s drive from Mbabane.  The farms, the huts, the teams of oxen, the bridges across the small streams and herd boys with their cattle are all part of the rural areas of Swaziland.  Another part of this country is the absentee husbands.  Many of the women have all the responsibilities at home because their husbands usually only come home from their jobs in South Africa when they have been paid.   Sometimes this is once a month but often it is much longer so they can save up money for their families.

 Farming … living off the land … is the way of life.  The plow takes six oxen to pull and they can till about 2 acres a day.  The drag, … weighted down with several kids, … is used to smooth the plowed ground.  Corn, … still on the cob, … along with melons and squash are stored in a shed.  Sorghum grain is stored in a portion of a corrugated culvert.  Maria prefers the sorghum grain but she knows how to grind either.  After grinding the grain it is called mealie.  When cooked, the corn meal mush is called porridge and is the staple food.  The jugo nuts grow much like peanuts and are a favorite. 

Maria on camera:  You boil them and then you eat them just like peanuts.

 A sewing machine was a strange device when a missionary brought it to the ladies and showed them how to use it.  Now they make a variety of garments for their own children as well as for AIDS orphans.  They have also developed skill in making a assortment of items for sale in the tourist market in Mbabane.

 The women of this homestead continue to reach out in taking the leadership in learning about God’s Word through regular Bible studies.    The preschool they have started is another part of their outreach in the community.  It meets in the same sheet-iron building that is used for their Bible studies and Peace Baptist Church.  The kids enjoy singing Jesus Loves Me and other songs.  (Kids on camera singing Jesus Loves Me.)

 Maria and these ladies are treasures.  (On camera:  Singing in the hut with lots of animation.)  They all know Jesus as their Savior and are telling others about Him. 

 Pray that the love and joy in the lives of these Peace ladies continues to overflow and touch those they meet. 

 Pray that their dedication to God will remain strong.  Praise God for the example they provide to new believers in the church. 

Pray for the new Bible study in the Mabeleni area and that it will soon become a church.

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