West Africa
                       06 Dec 2007

 (segment length 4 minutes 08 seconds)

Speakers: Jean (John) Gondo and Susan

December 2000

Dantomba, Cote d’Ivoire


John Luti is the son of Dantomba's grand fetisher, the village's spiritual leader.  His father is the one in charge of making sacrifices to appease the spirits and he is training John to take his place.  His family relies on the income they are paid for performing sacrifices.  We are desperately praying that John, his father and all of his family would give their lives to Christ.  But how -- when their livelihood depends on spirit worship?

Think of the possibilities! If John could start a successful business, he would not have to rely on income from sacrifices.  One more barrier to him becoming a Christian would tumble down.

John chose to invest in 10 hens and a rooster. However, in three months, his hens laid exactly three eggs and snakes began killing the hens.  The business was headed for failure.  Steve and Susan asked him if they could pray over his chicken house – a simple prayer, in Jesus’ name – and also ask their friends to pray. He agreed.  What happened next was a miracle.  He wants to tell you about it himself."

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