West Africa

                       06 Dec 2007


            Many different ethnic groups buy and sell in the market place in Kedougou, a city of about 10,000 people in Southeastern Senegal.  Located just outside this busy commercial center and away from the street vendors and traffic is Fadiga (FA-dee-ga), a small settlement of about 200 people.

 Health care is a significant concern since many of the villagers have leprosy.  Medical care for this ancient disease is out of reach for the residents because the meager income obtained from making and selling charcoal is insufficient to purchase antibiotics. Hygienic procedures such as washing with soap are considered a luxury and unavailable on a regular basis.

             Today, almost all the residents have gathered to witness a rare event.  They will have an opportunity to witness a light shining in the darkness that engulfs the people of this area.

              Chief Djiguiba Danfakha (JEE-gee-ba DON-fa-ha) is an ethnic Malinke, but among his subjects are Peul, Diahanke, Bassari, and Dialounke as well as his fellow Malinke.              Chief Djiguiba is a powerful and well-respected leader and is earnestly seeking the best for his village.  He seeks not only better health for his people, but spiritual light.  These changes that he seeks are strongly opposed by the Marabouts, leaders of a powerful brotherhood who control much of the economic and political life of Senegal.  By keeping the people in the dark, the Marabouts are able to maintain their grip on the people.

             The local Marabout strongly opposed the light of Jesus Christ that was brought to the village by visitors from North America and Dakar, Senegal.  However, the chief prevailed over him and most of the villagers -- men, women, and children of all ages --- were able to see a small ray of this light through a dramatic presentation of the Biblical account of the Good Samaritan.

             It is difficult for those in the village to grasp this new light.  They remain locked to their traditional animistic beliefs in fetishes and other objects BUT they are willing to listen to those who come sharing Godís love.


         Will you come to teach about Jesus, the light of the world?

         Will you pray that Chief Djiguiba will be able to clearly see this light?

  • Will you pray that he will give up traditional animistic beliefs and fully accept Jesus?

         Will you pray that through Chief Djiguibaís leadership the whole village of Fadiga will no longer live in darkness?

         Will you pray that this village of Fadiga will become a beacon for other villages throughout the area?


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