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22 Sep 2012

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Filmed 1999 and 2000

1999 Trip to the Asheninka People of Eastern Peru: 

The  visit to the Asheninka, who live in the lowlands of Eastern Peru along several rivers that feed the Amazon, was my first foreign mission trip.  It was a grueling trip but special in many ways to observe the friendly people living in very remote villages. They depend on the rivers for their primary - and often their only - mode of transportation.

 2000 Trip to Marginal Urban Population Near Lima:

The following year, it was a return to Peru but this time a mission outreach project among people from various areas of Peru.  Looking for a better life by moving to the outskirts of Lima, they struggle to build their homes and seek good jobs. It is a hard life for these new residents but they are open to hearing the Gospel. 

Join us as we share this time of discovery and personal involvement in reaching others for Christ.

2000 Mini-Vacation in The Andes of Peru:

Come along as we travel Peru's Central Highway to the cities of Tarma and Huancayo



1999 Mission Trip to Belen, Peru: all in 540p resolution

Part 1: Cassville to Pucallpa
  (9:59)   Download Part 1

     Lima, the capital of Peru, is about 15 degrees south of the equator and a thoroughly modern city with traffic jams, high rise apartment buildings and churches. 
     Pucallpa, even with a population of about 250,000, is considered a frontier city carved out in the jungle.  The Ucayali River, bordering the eastern edge of the city empties into the Amazon. 


Part 2:  Pucallpa to Puerto Bermudez 
Download  Part 2

     The 160 mile road from Pucallpa to Puerto Bermudez was completed in the mid-1980's as an effort by the Peruvian government to open up more of the Amazon frontier.  The road has become a problem with drug trafficking and there now are three military check points along the way.  Driving is dangerous with few accommodations.  Despite the dangers and primitive nature of the road, there was much to see and learn as we made our way south.

Part 3:  Puerto Bermudez to Belen
Download  Part 3

     After lunch we loaded our gear in the peki-peki and were ready to head down-river.  Our peki-peki is a canoe shaped craft about 30 feet long and just over 3 feet wide with power supplied by a nine-horsepower gas engine.  A shaft is attached to the motor and extends from the rear of the boat, driving a small propeller.  This allows for very shallow water operation.

Part 4:  Belen to Home
Download  Part 4

    After our usual breakfast of oatmeal and raisins mixed with dehydrated milk and water, we were back on the Apurucayali. This time we are going down river for most of the trip, then a few miles back up the Pichis to Amanbay for the night.  From there, several more hours up river to Puerto Bermudez and hopefully a catfish dinner then a comfortable hotel room for the night.


2000 Mission Trip to Lima, Peru: all in 540p resolution

Come to My Home
Download  Home

From all over Peru, people come to Lima looking for a job and a better life.  With little or no money, they are making their homes in the mountain foothills of Eastern Lima. It is here that many learn of Jesus Christ and have invited Him into their lives.

The Andes of Peru
Download  Andes

Peru's Central Highway is the well-traveled route across the Andes. The winding road passes through tunnels, across rivers, up steep mountain grades and narrow passes like Ticlio and towns of Morococha and La Oroja. On this three-day trip to Tarma and Huancayo, we will reach an elevation exceeding 16,000 feet in a world much different than Lima.

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