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26 Aug 2008

          The videos  were made several years ago but the message is still important for today.

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NEW ... from our old files

We are in the process of compiling and posting video material developed by CRF Media and published only in limited quantities on VHS tape



Filmed and published in 2001    11:40   (mp4-S; mp4-L; script)     

The Venezuelan Andes occupy a land area that stretches across rugged mountains some 150 miles in length.  These mountains pose many obstacles to modernization, transportation, and communication.

In the Andes of Western Venezuela is the city of Merida where the Andean Agriculture Team is based.  


The Way in the Desert

Filmed and published in 2001         11:35   (mp4-S; mp4-L; script)   

Coro is the capital of the state of Falcon and  is located on the northern coast of Venezuela about 6 hours west of the capital of Caracas. Falcon is a very hot and dry region and is called the Land of the Winds. It is known for the Medanos, more than 200 acres of towering sand dunes that separate the two major population centers of Coro and Punto Fijo. Located in Punto Fijo is the world’s largest refinery and the United States’ single greatest source of petroleum.

 A church that desires to have a global impact
 must change its priorities. 

Dr. Claytor, Chairman, Board of Trustees IMB, and Dr. Bullington, Regional Leader, West Africa, share their insight and experiences about being On Mission with God by answering the following 6 questions.

What has God taught you about leading a church to be On Mission?  2:42  (mp4-S; mp4-L)

What impact has short-term mission trips made on your life and your church?  5:43  (mp4-S; mp4-L)

What strategic place in World Evangelism do you see volunteers filling now and in the future?  6:38   (mp4-S; mp4-L)

What advice do you have for leaders who desire to have their church make a Global Impact?  2:38   (mp4-S; mp4-L)

What major adjustments will a church need to make in order to have a Global Impact?  5:23   (mp4-S; mp4-L)

Why are there still over 1000 un-reached people groups in West Africa?  5:16 (mp4-S; mp4-L)

About this Video

     The basis of this video is the response of Dr. Claytor and Dr. Bullington to the questions at the left. These unrehearsed and separate interviews were held in Dakar, Senegal in March of 2002. 
     The interviews have been combined to provide a comprehensive answer to each question. Background video has been added to illustrate the topic as well as provide snapshot views of various mission areas thought the world.
     The video clips are from the archives of CRF Media and include segments from Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Peru, Guinea, Argentina, Philippines, Venezuela, and Bosnia.

We pray that through this video you will gain a better understanding of what must be done to lead your church to be on mission with God.


Statement About Video Use

The videos produced by CRF Media are to be used as a resource material for increasing the awareness of and involvement with the specific people groups featured in the material. 

 Please share these videos with others but with the stipulation that they be free of all costs to the recipient.  Also, observe our copyright restrictions of not altering the files in any way.

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