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16 Aug 2008

         8 Chapter Online

The videos  provide a variety of information concerning the people, their environment, and their culture as well as how you can become involved in reaching the Basotho people of southern Africa for Christ.  A brief summary of each of the chapters is provided below. 

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  “Ke bona leseli” – “I have seen the light!”
The Basotho of Southern Africa
Filmed November 2003

The Drakensberg Mountains of southern Africa.  An imposing range of spectacular mountain peaks, rivers and valleys.  It is here ….   nestled in the foothills and mountains of this majestic range … that a unique people live … the Basotho.  

The Basotho of southern Africa number 5 and 1/2 million ….. 3 million live in the Free State Province of South Africa while another 2 and 1/2 million live in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.  This fiercely proud and peaceful people are usually seen with colorful wool blankets and conical-shaped hats.  They are the one people in Africa who are accustomed to living in cold, snowy winters.

 The Basotho nation owes its existence to the wisdom and leadership of one man. … King Moshoeshoe.  Amid wars which ravaged southern Africa during the 1800’s this one man chose the path of peace rather than of war. Rather than fight, King Moshoeshoe formed alliances with other tribes through marriages and then gathered his people to the safety of the mountain stronghold of Thaba Bosiu.  Here the Basotho nation was formed.

Introduction to the Basotho     5:14  ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script

Meet the Basotho of Southern Africa … 5.5 million people living in Lesotho and South Africa, needing to see the light of Jesus!

The Basotho of Southern Africa: History, Heritage & Hope    16:13   ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) 

A detailed look at the life of the Basotho  ... in the mountains of Lesotho, along the Lesotho lowlands, and throughout the Free State Province of South Africa.  Learn of their history and rich heritage  ... and their only true hope.

Basotho Kids     4:13           ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script

Missionary Kid (MK) Jordan Gestring shares his life as a Baptist MK and helps us see the life of Basotho kids … a life quite different than that of kids in America.

The Little Brick House Near the Graveyard     4:12   ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) 

Ha Foso village is on the northern outskirts of Maseru, the capital of Lesotho.  Here, in a little brick house … a Baptist Church has taken root near a graveyard … a true light in this darkness.

Worth Far More Than Rubies     7:17      ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script

What is the treasure of the Basotho people?  It is not diamonds or gold.  It is the Basotho woman!  She is the strength of the home ….the community … the nation … and the church.  Come see why she is worth far more than rubies!

What are you doing this Saturday?     3:55  ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) 

Saturday is the day for funerals among the Basotho.  This is becoming a much more common event since one in every three Basotho has HIV/AIDS.  Will you PRAY for the Basotho infected and affected by HIV/AIDS?

Breaking Down the Barriers     6:25      ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script

The Basotho consider themselves Christians but it is a cultural Christianity based on works.  For the true Gospel to change their lives PRAYER must first demolish the barriers of geography, culture & tradition, and cultural Christianity.  Will you PRAY?

Just Over There     3:55       ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) 

Lindiwe lives in a village far into the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho.  She is waiting for someone to come tell her and her family about Jesus.  The trip into the mountains will be long and arduous.  Will you be the one to go?


The Adventure of a Lifetime     6:57    ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) 

Do you like hiking, journeying by 4X4 truck, flying in a small plane or riding horses?  Then this is the adventure for you as you take the Gospel to the Basotho living deep in the mountains of Lesotho … to those who haven’t yet heard about Jesus!

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