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04 Aug 2011

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The videos provide a variety of information concerning the people, their environment, and their culture as well as how you can become involved in reaching the peoples of Montenegro for Christ. A brief summary of each of the chapters is provided below.    

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Letting GO of the Past
Filmed March 2004

 Montenegro is a small republic of the former Yugoslavia emerged from the disintegration of that once great nation as a land of disillusioned people with no hope for the future.  Church has become little more than tradition among the people and they rarely think about matters of eternity or a personal relationship with God. 

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  Visit Montenegro!    1
1:37   ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) Montenegro is a small country of rugged and densely forested mountains, hills, and valleys. It is a land decorated with cities, towns, and small farms as well as fast flowing rivers and streams and an occasional fort high on a hill. The scenery is spectacular, the history enlightening and the culture representative of a proud and independent people.  Come and experience life in this forgotten land of the Balkans in an unforgettable corner of Europe! 
5:30  ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script )The city of Dubrovnik is located at the southeastern tip of Croatia and only a short distance from Montenegro.  Dubrovnik is like many Mediterranean seacoast cities with the hills in the background, the red tile roofs of the buildings in the foreground, and the islands offshore.  Shops, restaurants, and craftsmen are plentiful.  Visitors can walk on top of the thick walls surrounding the city.  When you come to Montenegro, be sure to include a visit to Dubrovnik. 

 These two chapters primarily focus on the tourist aspect of Montenegro and can be used for secular audiences in a variety of ways.

   Graveyards   6:37   ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script )Two rivers merge high in the mountains of Montenegro.  At the junction of these two rivers is a graveyard that is different than others.  Bodies of the past are broken but not decaying.  All around are the remnants of a time long past.  Other graveyards sprung up as time moved on.  Perhaps the saddest graveyard of all is that of the churches.  Religion was important to these people but today there is indifference to the Gospel message. … Pray for new life that is eternal and will not crumble and fade away
   Why Are the Bells Ringing?   9:35  
( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script )Listen – listen, the church bells are ringing!  Will anyone hear? Will anyone come?  The doors are locked.  The people must be somewhere else.  Across this beautiful country are hundreds of churches.  Many are centuries old. The people of Montenegro have long since stopped attending the churches.  To a Montenegrin, regular church attendance is considered to be one or two times a year. The bells, however, continue to ring. … There are a few in Montenegro that hear a different kind of bell - a bell of Truth.  But their numbers are so few.  As of 2005, there were only three churches in all of Montenegro for evangelical Christians and a total of only about 120 followers out of the nearly 700,000 people in the country. 
   Windows to Heaven?
( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script ) The Eastern Orthodox Churches of Montenegro look much like other old churches.  There is the church, the steeple, and inside the people but the people are paintings and statues of saints who have long since passed into another life.  The well-organized and intricately crafted depictions of these saints are an essential part of worship.  The faithful followers believe that these statues and paintings, called icons, are a window to heaven.  It is through these windows that communication to God is made possible.  The windows are now little more than a tourist attraction. The people of Montenegro have become a people without a true allegiance to the church of any kind.

   Who Are We?   6:12   ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script ) Ask a resident of Montenegro who they are and they will  say we are Montenegrins and our language is Montenegrin.  Made up of a complex mix of forces from outside their borders, these are a people proud of who they are and where they live. The next generation of Montenegrins has an uncertain future - a future that will be influenced from those outside the country.  Will you pray that someday when Montenegrins are asked, “Who are you?” that they will say, “I am a follower of Jesus”?  
  A Time for NEW Beginnings   10:10   (; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script
) In the year 2006, the people of Montenegro will have an opportunity to take a new direction - a chance to once again become an independent country.  For centuries, their country has been pushed and pulled by the religious whims of their political leaders.  This legacy has left uncertainty and apathy in the hearts and minds of the people.  Today there are only about 120 evangelical Christians in all of Montenegro.   Will you become an active part of this new beginning for the people of Montenegro?  There are many ways that you can be involved.
  Jelena’s Testimony   5:11  ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script
) Jelena lives in Niksic, the second largest city of Montenegro.   She would like to share her story with you Will you commit to pray that God will use Jelena as His instrument in Montenegro?


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