From Our Archives: Visits in the Philippines

19 Jun 2012

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The Philippines
Filmed 1957, 1958, 2000, 2001

Spending long and short periods of time in the Philippines on the Island of Luzon (1956-1958, 2000 and 2001) provided us with interesting information concerning the people, their environment and their culture.  Thus, the videos give insight into the Filipinos and their country.

My first visit to the Philippine Islands was in 1956. It was an opportunity to learn about a different people and place.  Sharing these experiences with friends, family and those with an interest in other parts of the world continues to be a passion for me.

The first set of videos was filmed with a 16mm movie camera.  Recently the film was digitally mastered and then edited to produce high-definition quality videos (see for more information on digital mastering).

Finally, in the years 2000 and 2001, my wife and I traveled to the Islands helping several evangelical missionaries with their media development.  Our prayer is that through these videos you will better understand the people and want to become involved in reaching them for Christ.


1956-1958 Tour of Military Duty: all in 720p resolution

Clark AFB and Places Nearby  (3:57) 
Download CAFB

     Clark Air Force Base is about 75 miles north of Manila. This military base was established in 1903 and was now the headquarters for the 13th Air Force. My assignment was with the 6207 Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron. The job was to help maintain and repair communication equipment located on top of Lilly Hill.

Manila, Philippines  (4:52) 
 Download Manila

     Manila is the largest city in the Philippines and the capital of the country.  Jeepneys and busses are the prime mode of transportation but the streets downtown are crowded with modern cars, jeepneys, busses and people as well as horse drawn calisas.  Manila Bay is a well-protected harbor and the port of call for many ships.  In the Bay, relics from the War remain. 

Mt. Arayat; Harvesting Sugar Cane  (2:42)
Download Arayat; SugarCane

     Within view from many places on the base was place that beckoned....Mount Arayat. It was once the stronghold of the Huks, a terrorist group that fought against the government.
     Sugarcane is very productive in the flatlands between Clark and Manila.  The water buffalo cart is still used for small loads but sugarcane is big business. 

Baguio and Bontoc  (10:56) 
Download  Baguio-Bontoc

     Baguio is about 4 hours bus ride north of Clark.  The cool mountain air at 5,000 feet elevation makes this a favorite vacation spot.
     The road  up to Baguio and Bontoc wound its way across bridges, along the sides of mountains and streams and past waterfalls.  Wide places in the river valley were often occupied by several thatched-roof homes.

Ambuklao Power Station  (4:16)
Download  Ambuklao

     A visit to the Ambuklao Power Station located northeast of Baguio was the last major trip I made while in the Philippines.  This time I went by myself and the mountain scenery was similar to that on the road to Bontoc.  The power plant was an opportunity to see a more modern part of the country. 

Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong  (6:02)
Download S J HK

       The trip to Singapore was with the base commander. We stayed in the Cathay Hotel, the largest hotel in Singapore. 
      I was sent to Japan for a 4-week training course in August. 
The trip to Hong Kong was a one week vacation in which a friend and I went by boat; a U.S. Navy troop carrier


2000 Mission Trip: all in 540p resolution

Cahigam Baptist Church  (6:34)
  Download Cahigam Church

     To reach this small community church, we head  Southeast of Lipa City into the rural area via a very rough dirt road. We  pass through rice and corn fields and finally arrive at a collection of about four to five homes. In the back yard of a home is a small structure with a tin roof, no walls and a dirt floor … the Cahigam Baptist Church. 

It's Sunday in Metro Manila  (10:46)
Download  Sunday in Manila

     On this Sunday morning, after a late season typhoon, we are heading for a small church -- "One Faith". After the service, we will visit a few places in Manila. 
  Built 400 years ago, Ft. Santiago's prisons and dungeons were used by the Japanese in World II.
  The American Cemetery, hallowed ground, is the largest in the Pacific for U.S. personnel killed during World War II. 

Back at Clark AFB  (4:34)
Download Clark AFB 

       After my stay at Clark in 1956-58, I have always wanted to return. In 2000, our friends Darryl and Shirley took us there.  The new main gate  welcomes us to a place much different than before.
       Angeles was just a few miles south of the base but the bars, calisas, dirt roads and, hopefully, prostitution are gone.  The calisas have been replaced by the tricycle taxi and the Jeepneys are much larger now. 

Baguio: 43 Years Later (13:52) 
Download  Baguio:43 Years Later

      Over the years Carl has talked about the Kennon Road as it winds its way up to Baguio.  Soon I will be able to see it for myself.  It is a long ride, normally about seven hours from the Pasig BusTerminal near Manila.
      We were packed light for our four day stay in the cool mountain resort. 



2001 Mission Trip: all in 540p resolution

Welcome to Northern Luzon   (12:07) 
Download N Luzon 

     The rich farmland of the Cagayan Valley is well known for its huge crops of rice and other agricultural products.   But, here too, in the northern part of Luzon, are places of spectacular scenery and people whose lives are much different from ours. 
     Our destination is the large city of Cauayan in Isabela Province; six hours and 200 miles from Manila.  The northern part of Island of Luzon is a place of contrasts, of challenges to the mind, body and spirit. 

Banaue Rice Terraces  (7:54)
  Download  Banaue

     2,000 years ago, the Ifugao people began building terraces to grow rice, -- the staple food for much of the Philippines.  These terraces were built by hand. The center of the rice terraces is here in Banaue  built on mountain ridges and steep slopes. 
The 80 mile drive from Cauayan takes us across the Magat River at Bagabag then up the mountain highway to Banaue. This final 30 miles is a narrow crooked road.

Roxas Baptist Church   (7:55) 
Download  Roxas Church

     Join us as we worship with fellow believers at this church in the city of Roxas. Leading the congregation in worship each Sunday is Lelaine Morales, the pastor's wife.  Most of the music is in English. Pastor Mario Morales preaches in Tagalog, the national language.
      Roxas Baptist Church is very active in the community located about 20 miles from Cauayan.

Working in the Barrios of Cauayan Valley (12:31) Download  Working
Life in the barrios of Cauayan Valley moves along at a seemingly slow pace; much different than in the cities.  Plodding along, the caribou pulls its load of green grass toward a place of rest.  Field hands follow as they head for some shade to escape the hot mid-day sun.  It seems to be an endless ritual.


Schools in the Barrios of Cauayan Valley (7:41)   Download  Schools

     The opening activities at the Ramon National High School began at 7:30 in the morning.  Most of the students either walked, rode a jeepney or motorized tricycle.  Transportation and the required school uniforms is a significant expense for the families of these teenagers.

Sharing God's Love in the Cauayan Valley (10:08)    Download  Churches
  • The Scripture is Read
  • A Prayer is Made
  • The 10 Commandments are Displayed
  • A Song is Sung

Pictures of People and Places in Cauayan Valley while song "When I look Into His Eyes" is sung.


More to come


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