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24 Apr 2012
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The videos  provide a variety of information concerning the people, their environment, and their culture as well as how you can become involved in reaching the peoples of Southeastern Africa for Christ. A brief summary of each of the chapters is provided below.    

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Southeastern Africa:  A People Still Waiting
Filmed Ocotober 2003 and April 2005

Introduction   8:13   (HD-720;  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script)   A People Still Waiting -- Waiting for a taxi, waiting for a job, waiting for the monthly pension check, waiting for a better life, waiting for the ancestors to answer, waiting to die of AIDS.

South Africa won its freedom from Colonial Britain in 1960 and from the repressive Apartheid government in 1994.  Now they are enslaved to fear, poverty, corruption, and false religions - so they are “A People Still Waiting” for their freedom. 

Most claim to be Christians but only a tiny portion have the real freedom that comes from knowing Jesus.  The peoples of Lesotho and Swaziland are even more enslaved than those in South Africa.

Soweto:  In a Cloud of Uncertainty   9:41   (  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script )The southwestern side of Johannesburg is generally known as Soweto, short for Southwest Townships. This is a huge district of heavy industry, small shops and people that stretches as far as the eye can see.  It sprawls over an area of 50 square miles and encompasses a population of 4 million souls.  Yet, the high-rise buildings of Johannesburg are only a few miles away.  They seem to be of another country, of another continent.  

13202 Johannesburg, South Africa   5:45  (HD-720;  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script )A family lives at this address.  We know because the yard is clean. In Johannesburg, there are millions of homes similar to this but often in more crowded places; places without water, sewage and refuse removal; places rife with drugs and crime; places where the police fear to enter.

Building a Church That Never Sleeps   6:36    (  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script ) My vision is to start a church, which would never sleep.  What do I mean is because the internationals - most of them are people who do not have a permanent accommodation so, therefore, they need to be somewhere they can just seek God - the face of God.  The international community living in Tshwane, the capital of South Africa, has many challenges and opportunities.  Over 100 embassies and high commissions have been established representing countries from all the continents.

Daniel and Joseph:  Lights in a Dark Land   9:28   (  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script )Daniel and Joseph are shining lights in a land of darkness - a land in which few know Jesus Christ as a friend and as their savior.  In this land, there are many who profess to be Christians.  They call themselves Apostolic or Zionist.  Badges and emblems worn as protection against evil spirits can identify some.  Their lifestyle and their spiritual allegiances are rooted in cultural traditions and ancestor worship.

This chapter is included only in the Deaf People Group supplement.

The People with Invisible Barriers  7:20   ( HD-720; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) Walls that protect the lives and property of residents in Southern Africa are common.  These barriers, … easily seen but difficult to cross, … are accepted as a way of life.  But, there is a different kind of barrier that is only apparent to some.  It is the barrier that surrounds the Deaf person.  It is a barrier that is ever-present but serves no tangible purpose.  Rather than a wall of brick and mortar, it is a barrier of communication. The barrier frequently confines the Deaf to a lifetime of isolation, … to a feeling that life has little meaning.  Society and family members often see deafness as a curse or punishment by the spirits or the gods.  Few, if any, of the family and friends learn to communicate through sign language.  Deaf people grow up with little intimate communication and often feel at a loss when interacting with others

A Place of Hope   12:13  (HD-720;  mp4-SW mp4-LW; Script) About 80% of the Zulu claim to be Christians.  They have adapted their pagan worship system to include some Christian beliefs.  It is imperative to reach the Zulu with the true Word of God to correct all the false teaching that abounds.  With the end of Apartheid in 1994, the Zulu have begun to experience many new freedoms.  They have a new hope.  Pray that their eyes might now be opened to seek and find the freedom that they can find in Christ; their only true hope.

Dreaming for the New Life   8:35    ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) Children in a settlement near the city of  Margate play out their dreams with their makeshift toys.  They too make dreams in the sand.  But, for them, the paths to their future are littered with poverty, ancestor worship, racial, and cultural barriers, and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  For Zulu children, home may only have one parent and sometimes none.  For many children, both of their parents have already died of AIDS.  The children depend upon their granny, other family members, or an orphanage for a place to call home.

Thy Word is Truth   9:12    (  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) Religious beliefs and illusions are often mixed with some truth.  These worshippers claim to be Christians.  Many wear crosses on their uniforms.  These Zionists have mixed some Christian beliefs with their African traditional religion. They continue their belief in the spirit world, worshipping their ancestors and trusting in the sangomas, the traditional healers.  The people in Durban and Pietermaritzburg need to know that THY WORD IS TRUTH. 

Finding a Believer in Mpumalanga Province   10:04   (  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) Believers in Jesus Christ should be everywhere in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.  A recent government survey revealed that - of its 3.1 million people - over 2.2 million believe they are Christians. There are many different and complex beliefs and rituals among the Zionists.  They have a very limited knowledge of the scripture and are, in reality, followers of their leader.  Telling these people about Jesus - when they truly believe they are already Christians - is met with skepticism.


Ke-Bona Leseli   5:14   (  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) This is the introduction chapter for a separate DVD of the Basotho in Lesotho.   The Basotho of Southern Africa - “Ke Bona Leseli”, “I have seen the light!” was published in 2004 by CRF Media.

 The Basotho of southern Africa number 5.5 million - 3 million living in the Free State Province of South Africa and another 2.5 million in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.  Today, the Basotho are divided into three distinct groups.  The Basotho of the Free State Province of South Africa, the Basotho of the Lesotho lowlands, and the Basotho of the Maluti Mountains.  But, although geography and slight differences in their Sesotho language may separate them, they all find themselves linked together through a common heritage and culture.

Freedom for Bethlehem   8:29 HD-720; mp4-S; mp4-LW; Script) The Basotho of the Free State.  The Basotho maintain a deep animistic tradition, which ties them to the land and to the past.  Their traditional healers, sangomas, serve as a medium between the people, the spirit world, and the ancestors.  The sangomas can be identified by their wrist or ankle bracelets, necklaces and often, as part of their uniform, a cross.  Fear is the common denominator and force behind their belief system.  The cumulative knowledge of the environment and the spirits make the sangoma a formidable force.


Swaziland:  Walking the Roads of the Past   8:45  HD-720; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) Leaving South Africa and driving through a hand-operated gate is like traveling back in time.  The small sign at the border crossing confirms what one can feel - this is Swaziland!  Today, with one million people, it remains one of the few absolute monarchies in the world.  It is a land of beauty, a land of traditions, a land of wealth, a land of poverty.  But, it is also a land where 40% of its people are infected with HIV/AIDS.  One-third of the population, 300,000 people, will probably die of this disease within the next ten years. 

God Came to My Hut  3:24    (HD-720;  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) I was lost.  Beating the drums.  I didn’t know who God was.  GOD CAME TO MY HUT!.  His Word was preached and I accept Him as my personal savior.”  Mr. Ephriam Mkhaliphi and some of his extended family live in a group of huts called a homestead.  Today, there is a church at Ntuthwakazi homestead and Mr. Ephriam Mkhaliphi is the pastor.  The drums do not beat in this homestead.  God is in these huts.

The Peace Ladies - Leading the Way   3:48    (HD-720;  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) The ladies from Peace Baptist Church continue to reach out in taking the leadership in learning about God’s Word through regular Bible studies.  The preschool they have started meets in the same sheet-iron building that is used for their Bible studies and Peace Baptist Church.  Pray that their dedication to God will remain strong. 

Opening the Gates   4:13  (HD-720;  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script)  Nkosingiphile helps us in understanding the culture and the people living in the rural areas of Swaziland.  Opening the gates was very important to us as we tried to better understand the Swazi people.  By the time we arrived it was dark and the Thunzini Baptist Church worship service had begun.  Our friend is the pastor here and taught from God’s Word.  Some followed along in their Bibles illuminated only by a candle.  As the worship continued, all the gates were now open.  We were with our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

More Than a Soapstone Carver   3:09   (HD-720;  mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) Robert has been carving soapstone for many years.  Just behind the craft market where his workshop is located is a small preschool - an ideal place for a neighborhood Bible study.  Steve, with Maria his translator, began chronological Bible storying; starting from Genesis and eventually going through the whole Bible, week-by-week.  Will you pray for Robert as he seeks God’s will to be more than a soapstone carver?

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