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                       23 Feb 2009


              mp4 VIDEO FILES ON LINE

We are now using the mp4 standard for compressing all videos that we post on this site.  This file format, also known as AVC.264, is more efficient than that of the older MPEG-1.  Typically, the file size can be reduced by a factor of two while maintaining comparable quality.

mp4 is one of the standards used for High-Definition videos.  The older versions of Windows Media Player will not play mp4 files, however, the new Windows Media Player 11 provides performance similar to the Videolan Player.

The newer versions of the QuickTime Player will play the videos on some computers.

A variety of mp4 players can be downloaded from the internet though we only recommend the player from This is free software.  It is not only free of cost but also free of annoying advertisements.  We have found that this player not only plays mp4 files, but High-Definition videos as well as most other video and audio files.  This is the primary player that we at CRF Media use.  The file size for the PC is18 Megabytes and for the MAC, it is 24 Megabytes.

One concern about the mp4 video format is that the files WILL NOT play on older DVD players as in the case of the MPEG-1 files.  However, some of the newer models of DVD players have included the mp4 format in their specifications.

The Windows Media 11 Player can be downloaded from Microsoft and is free. Download at:

Several other players can be purchased with price ranges from $50 to $80.  We have compared the player from  to that of the Videolan Player and found that the Nero Player gives a slightly smoother performance for some computers.

A hardware player offers many advantages in terms of convenience, flexibility and performance.  A computer is not required and it is easier to operate. The Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player - WDAVN00BN is an outstanding player and only costs $100.  We highly recommend this device for general use.  The link to is as follows:

Please Contact us for more information. 

Videolan Player Setup

This player installs easily and the default settings work for most applications. The following are some options that may help in the operation.

Make the Videolan Player your default player for most applications.

Playlists ... Set up for playing several videos in a continuous loop.

Crop ... Most of the time the default setting should be used; however,  a 4 X 3 aspect ratio may be desirable when using 4 X 3 screens with wide screen video. Some of the picture and text will be lost but the video will be full screen instead of letterboxed.

Hot keys for keyboard control:
Space bar.
f..................... ......full screen/actual size
p...................... ...start at beginning


STANDARD SCREEN FORMAT   (4 X 3 aspect ratio)

We now offer two file sizes for our older videos.  The standard 640 X 480 pixel resolution AND the half-size with 320 X 240 pixel resolution.  The large format is set to approximately 1.25 mb/s data rate and the smaller format is set to 250 kb/s data rate.

WIDE SCREEN FORMAT (16 X 9 aspect ratio)

Beginning in 2005, all of our videos have been photographed in high definition format, which -- like all High-Definition -- uses a 16 X 9 pixel aspect ratio.  Accordingly, we are using the wide screen format for all of the videos that we have edited in the High-Definition format (see HD).

We have four sizes of videos for the wide screen format. The  HD 1080 format has a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. The HD 720 format has a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels.  The half-size HD has a resolution of 960 X 540  pixels and the one-fourth size HD size has a resolution of 480 X 270 pixels.  This wide screen format requires approximately a 25% larger file size than the standard screen format.

The half-size HD provides a better picture quality than that of  the standard DVD's.


 For download purposes, the following designation and file sizes are used.



File Size

mp4-L 680 X 480   9.3  mB/minute
mp4-S 320 X 240   2.1  mB/minute
mp4-LW 960 X 540 17.0 mB/minute
mp4-SW 480 X 270   3.6 mB/minute
HD-1080 1920 X 1080  60 mB/minute
HD-720 1280 X 720  30 mB/minute


Video Downloading Procedure:

READ CAREFULLY:  These files are configured for archiving on your computer and not for streaming video.

In order to download the files,  you must do the following:

  1. Make a folder in a convenient location (your desktop) for the files.
  2. Find the file on our website that you want to download.
  3. RIGHT CLICK (not left click) on the file, then on the pull down window click on “Save Target As”.("Save Link As"  for FireFox web browser)
  4. Locate the folder that you prepared earlier and continue with the download.

 After the download is complete, you may view the video or download more chapters.

BE SURE that you have a suitable video PLAYER!

Please share these videos with others but with the stipulation that they be free of all costs to the recipient.  Also, observe our copyright restrictions of not altering the files in any way.    

CRF Media


Statement About Video Use

The videos produced by CRF Media are to be used as a resource material for increasing the awareness of and involvement with the specific people groups featured in the material. 

U.S. copyright laws protect all media material produced by CRF Media. The video files are provided free of all charges .  Fragmentation of the material is strictly forbidden without written permission from CRF Media.

Contact us for more information.