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08 Feb 2016

The videos listed on this download page provide a variety of information concerning the people, their environment, and their culture as well as how you can become involved in reaching the peoples of West Africa for Christ.  A brief summary of each of the chapters is provided below.  

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  Hope for the Hopeless
The Songhai and other people groups of West Africa.

Most of the peoples of West Africa are bound to the hopelessness of Islam and assorted animistic beliefs and rituals.  Darkness surrounds them.  Tribal conflict, corruption and poverty seems to have no end. The light of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only hope for the Peoples of West Africa.

This set of videos provides information on the Songhai, the Fulbe Fouta and the TuKulor People Groups who are followers of Islam. The Toura and the Bassari have rejected Islam, preferring instead to worship trees, animals, rocks and their ancestors.


The Songhai of West Africa
Bringing Hope to a Hopeless People

Filmed September 2003

Introduction     3:50    (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L: Script)  Struggling to survive…. along the banks of the Niger River, … the 3.5 million Songhai were once rich and powerful.  They ruled much of what is now known as Mali and Niger.  Centuries ago kings, sorcerers, and warriors used their leadership skills, magic, and armies to establish the greatest medieval empire in West Africa.

Boubacar’s Search     6:42    (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script)

Boubacar is a new Christian with a deep desire to worship and fellowship with other believers.  But, … who and where? … Boubacar is one of the 250 or so believers among the 3.5  million Songhai People of Niger, West Africa.  He feels so alone.  Where can he find someone who has also chosen to believe in Jesus?

Crossing the Bridge     7:35  (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script)

For centuries the Songhai have traveled up and down the mighty Niger River in their small wooden boats.  But this river provides more than a means of transportation; it is the lifeblood of the 3.5 million Songhai people who live along its banks from Mopti, Mali to Niamey, Niger.  The clear streams and waterfalls in the lush green mountains of Guinea are the beginning of this 2600-mile long waterway.

Just Another Day for the Songhai     9:18  (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script)

This is just another day for the 3.5 million Songhai living along the Niger River.  It is a day that cattle are driven to pasture; … a day for children to walk along sand dunes or to just hang around; … a day to swim with the neighborhood kids; … or a day to take a bath or do laundry in the murky river waters.  Others try to catch some fish with their net in the murky river water.

A New Day for the Songhai     6:42 (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script)

For most of the Songhai, their day begins with a call to prayer.  Loud speakers mounted on the minarets of mosques throughout their homeland are used to issue the five obligatory calls to prayer each day.  Islamic practices define the Songhai’s daily life.  Islam was introduced in this area and to the Songhai some 500 years ago. 

The Toura of Cote d’Ivoire
Filmed December 2000

2004 Update     2:12  (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script  September 2002 brought civil war to Cote d’Ivoire dividing the country.  It was necessary for the missionaries to leave the country …  no word was available concerning the fate of the people of Dantomba.  Finally, in October 2003, word came that although many Toura villages had suffered, Dantomba had been spared from conflict.

Powerless Blood     10:27   (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script  Blood runs freely in the rain forests of Ivory Coast: the blood of chickens, goats and sheep, -- blood that our people hope will rise as a sweet aroma to our ancestors.  To sacrifice is to honor them, to beg their favor – to be Toura. 

Welcome to Dantomba    18:10   (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script Dantomba is located in west central Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa about 9 hours driving time from Abidjan.  It is one of the many villages where the Toura live.

My Friend, Clarice     5:27    (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script Clarice lives with her family in Dantomba.  Her husband had such a change in his life after coming to know Jesus that Clarice wanted to know more about this Jesus.  Then a young white woman moved in next door.  They slowly learned to communicate.  Her new friend knew this Jesus. Clarice was amazed that she would leave her home in the U.S. to come and live in her village.

Rice Harvest       4:50     (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script The women in a Toura village go in work groups to harvest the rice.  Our rice fields are what feed us.  The rice harvest is the most important time of the year.  The time we are finally sure that we will not go hungry in the days ahead.  Notice how the women carefully pick each stem of rice by hand to make sure that none of the kernels are lost.  When we finally carry all of the rice to the village.

The following four chapters are not included on the DVD

Making Palm Oil     4:11  (mp4-S; mp4-L; Script  I am Zo and my family owns a place on the mountainside near our village. We have made palm oil there for several years. Getting the oil from palm nuts is hard work but it is important work for my family. We sell the oil to our neighbors in Dantomba who use the palm oil for cooking.     

The Coffee Harvest  3:34   ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script Welcome to my home in Dantomba. I am Roger’ and I have lived here all of my life. My father is an elder in this village and someday I will take his place. 

Worship With Us  4:40     (mp4-S; mp4-L; Script On this Sunday morning, we are told that the men walk to church together and then the women come. Since there is no church in Dantomba, we must make this easy 15 minute walk down the dirt road to the next village of Bomba. As we turned toward the church, several of the local people greeted us.

John's Chickens   4:08      ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script John Luti is the son of Dantomba's grand fetisher, the village's spiritual leader.  His father is the one in charge of making sacrifices to appease the spirits and he is training John to take his place.  His family relies on the income they are paid for performing sacrifices.


The Fulbe Fouta of Guinea
Filmed September 2001

The Familiar Path     9:50     ( mp4-S; mp4-L; Script)  ( En Español   Es-mp4-S; Es-mp4-L; Es-Script )  A vital part of “being Fulbe” is a deep and compelling desire to be accepted into paradise when they die.   To do this, the Fulbe have chosen the path of Islam.   They are very proud of their religion and the fact that they are the ones who brought Islam to West Africa. 

 Where Two Paths Meet     3:05    (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script) The strongholds of ritual and tradition are leading the Fulbe on a path of destruction.  Few are willing to pay the huge cost of losing family, livelihood and possibly life to follow Christ's footsteps down the path of eternal, abundant life.


The Bassari of Senegal
Filmed March 2002

Cry from the Heart of Chibikiling    9:48     (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script Chibikiling, with a population of about 100, is typical of Bassari villages.  To reach this community, located about 30 miles from the city of Kedougou, one travels west across the Gambia River and past the more densely populated areas near the river. Continuing on, the landscape becomes stark and uninviting.  Eventually several miles of     dirt road will lead to the destination.

A Ray of Light in a Dark Village      3:27     (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; ScriptThose who consider themselves believers are poorly taught and they do not have access to Scriptures in a way that is understandable to them.  Giving up their old well-established beliefs completely is a major problem among those who profess some Christian faith.

This chapter is not included on the DVD

ME Go to Kedigou?  11:42   (mp4-S; mp4-L; Script (KAY-de-goo) Kedougou, a town of 10,000, has all of the accommodations that are needed --- but the style is a bit different than we are accustomed to. The bus station is always busy and is located next to one of the three gas stations in town. Ample supplies of firewood for cooking are available from the nearby forest and along the river’s edge. The laundermat is easy to find at the south edge of town. It is usually crowded but there is no charge for using the facilities. The women beat the clothes clean without the use of soap.


The Tukulor of Senegal
Filmed July 2002

Footprints of Their Fathers   12:20    (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script  It is said, “to be Tukulor is to be Muslim.”   This tightly held belief in Islam is ever-present throughout the area.   Mosques dominate the skyline of the villages and towns.   This strong allegiance to Islam and close relationships among families make change very difficult.
There are no known Tukulor Christians in Northern Senegal.

Tukulor Children: Captives of the Past     4:55       (MPEG-1; mp4-S; mp4-L; Script  The Tekrur Empire once dominated the area along the Senegal River.   During the tenth century, this powerful empire became the first to take on the Islamic faith.  They used their power and influence to spread Islam to many other people in West Africa.


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